Help! My jewelry is all tangled and dirty!

March 5, 2015

Confession time...I am organizationally challenged!  You should see my jewelry 'bin'.  Yes, a bin! 


I have a few of my favorites hanging on a beautiful wall organizer, but the rest is in a plastic bin (from chinese take out).  It's not because I don't have beautiful jewelry boxes, I do, sitting empty nearby my plastic bin.  It's because I'm lazy.  I was going to clean all my tarnished pieces so I put them in the bin...and walked away.  I keep wondering why they haven't cleaned themselves?






What I need is some inspiration.  Do you?










But, I have a few problems to solve before I decide how to organize & store my jewelry:

1.  How do I keep my sterling pieces from tarnishing?

  • Did you know there is a special cloth that you can store your silver jewelry in that prevents tarnishing?  There are several names, what I have is called Pacific Cloth.  I also found this site that has it under a different name but in pretty colors!

  • The key is to keep the jewelry enclosed in the cloth and keep the air out!  Zip-close plastic bags are great for this. 


2.  How do I keep it neat & interesting looking in my room?

  • I found this article with lots of interesting pinterest ideas:


Clever ideas:



3.  How do I keep it viewable so its easy to access and wear?

  • Ah, thats a tough one!   I have this glass display case...



...perhaps I should actually use it?




  • My Plan:  I'm thinking I will use the bottom layer with zip bags so I can see my sterling jewelry and keep out the tarnish at the same time.  The top I could use for rings and bracelets and beaded items.  Yes, I can see that is a good solution for me.



Now...if I can only motiivate myself to do it since I still need to clean all this jewelry! 




Do you need a Jewelry organization re-do?  What is your creative solution?



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