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$45 includes basic wire kit (or additional $15 for sterling silver wire)

River-flow Braided Bracelet: 9/26/2020 10am-12pm

The beauty of a flowing river is captured in the design of this bangle bracelet. Although it looks fairly complicated, once you get the pattern going it easily flows into this beautiful bracelet. You will be guided step by step in making this bracelet.  

Skill Level: Beginner and beyond
Cost: $45  ($15 extra for sterling silver wire; additional sterling kits @ $25 each)

Please reserve your spot in advance: 484-502-7360

Location: North Star Orchards
3232 Limestone Rd. Cochranville, PA 19330

$40 includes basic wire kit (or additional $7 for sterling silver wire)

Wonderful Wire Wrapped Rings: 10/24/2020 1-3pm

Have fun creating wonderful wire wrapped rings with your choice of Silver-plated, copper, brass or sterling wire and beads, gemstones and pearls. Its the perfect workshop for those who have never made wire jewelry as well as those with experience. You will complete at least 2 rings. We will start with a basic rosette ring and then build on that skill by adding beads.  All supplies and tools needed will be supplied by the instructor.

$40 class fee
For sterling silver wire, additional $7 (enough for 2 rings);  extra sterling silver wire kits @ $12 each

Skill Level: Beginner and beyond

Please reserve your spot in advance: 484-502-7360

Location: North Star Orchard
3232 Limestone Rd. Cochranville, PA 19330

Copper Calla Lilies.

Level:  Beginner


The calla lily is a majestic flower that is found in many gardens and homes around the world. In this beginning metal working class, you will learn to create this beautiful flower out of copper sheet and sterling wire using a few basic techniques.  You will learn skills such as cutting, forming and filing. You will also be introduced to tools such as the flex shaft, magnetic tumbler and pickle pot.


Come enjoy a few hours of learning and creating while you bring the lovely lily to life from a flat sheet of metal.  You will have enough time in class to create a pendant and earring set.

Wish Basket Pendant.

Skill Level:  Advanced Beginner (or beyond)

In this advanced-beginner wire class you will create a little ‘Wish-Basket’ out of your choice of brass, copper or silver-plated wire.  Your basket is designed to hold your wishes, dreams & secrets.  It is delightful to wear as a pendant to keep your special thoughts close to your heart.


You will learn basic wire working skills as you create this little basket step by step.  If you have glasses for working up close, please bring them along.  


Expect to have fun, laugh and make something truly unique!

Easy & Elegant Wrapped Pearl Bracelet

Skill Level:  Beginner, all skill levels


Pearls are classic and elegant but don’t be intimidated by this bracelet! This class is perfect for beginners or beyond. You will be guided through the creation of this bracelet, step by step.  You will learn how to fit it to your size before beginning.


Pliers and cutters needed for the project will be provided for your use during class (or feel free to bring your own).  You can also choose to create your bracelet from Sterling Silver wire for an additional fee of $25.


Come for the fun and leave with a smile on your face and a beautiful new bracelet on your wrist.

Make & Take Jewelry Night: Captured Pearl

It has been said in some early cultures that the pearl was born when a single drop of rain fell from the heavens and became the heart of the oyster.  This folklore is the inspiration for this Make & Take Jewelry project.  We will be working with Sterling Silver-Plated supplies and your choice of glowing glass pearls to create a beautiful bracelet.  We will learn a simple yet elegant design that will ‘capture’ each pearl as it encircles your wrist.  All supplies are included in the class fee.  The instructor will have all tools needed for your use. If you use reading glasses, please bring them to assist in working up close.  Gather your friends for a fun evening of enjoyment and learning.  You will leave with a beautiful bracelet along with the inspiration to keep creating. Sterling Silver kits will be available for $25 additional fee.


Beginner Level
​Cost: $30

Ocean Waves Bracelet.

Skill Level: Intermediate

$45 +kit


This bracelet mimics gently rolling ocean waves and with it brings warmth and sunshine to your day. In this class you will learn to manipulate wire to create gentle curves and tight wraps. Expect some variation in your bracelet as you learn. With practice comes more uniformity. You choose from sterling, silver-plated, brass or copper wire.


Basic Kit: $10 - your choice or copper, brass or silver-plated wire

Sterling Kit: $25 - sterling silver wire


Beginning Metalsmithing: Make Your Statement Bracelet

What do you want to say to the world? It can be anything at all: funny, clever, honest, inspirational or even nonsense. This class gives you the opportunity to wear your own words on your wrist. (A little shy & don’t have anything to say?  That’s OK, you can still design an awesome bracelet with texture.)  This class is geared toward those who have never stamped on metal.  All you need is the will to learn and the desire to use a hammer! You will create your personalized bracelet out of Sterling Silver and leather.  You will get to use alphabet and design stamps. All the supplies needed for this project will be provided for your use during class.  


All skill Levels including Beginner

​Cost: $50

Wire Bangles

Stacking Wire Bangle Bracelet with Sta-c Peterson
​Find our how easy these stacking bangles are to make!
They are a perfect accessory for a variety of outfits. You can make them with different colors and mix and match them as you please. You will have a wide variety of beads to choose from to create your unique design. You will ​create one bangle in class and may purchase wire & beads for making more.

Unisex Viking Bracelet

Level: Beginner and above

Learn to make Viking Knit chain while making a bracelet that can be worn by guys & gals. This chain is an ancient design that is completely ‘knit’ by hand. The technique produces a tubular chain that is supple, lightweight, and beautiful to wear.

You will make the bracelet in single knit using brass, copper or plated silver metal wire. You can upgrade to sterling silver wire for an additional $25. Use of tools and supplies will be provided for your use during class.

If you have taken the class before, you can use this class as a refresher or work on the 'double knit' technique.

We will take a short lunch break halfway. Feel free to bring a lunch or food to keep you going!

Knitting with Wire – Beaded Bracelet

Level: Beginner

Spool knitting is an old and ancient technique for creating a strong chain. The earliest known use dates back to the Vikings. Spool knitting is having a renaissance due to its ability to create a variety of looks and incorporate beads.

You will learn the fast and easy method of spool knitting with your choice of silver-plated, brass or copper wire and a variety of beads. You can choose which style you will create. Tools and supplies will be provided for your use and are included in the class fee. During class you can upgrade to sterling silver wire for $25.

This is a perfect class for gathering a few friends and enjoying time together creating a beautiful bracelet

Pewter Wire & Leather Braided Bracelet – “Saami” Inspired

Level: All Levels

Explore the traditional jewelry techniques of the indigenous people of Scandinavia (Saami or Laplanders), which include braiding coiled pewter wire and sewing the finished braid to a softened reindeer hide strip. A faux antler button finishes off the bracelet. Traditional Saami jewelry incorporated elements of their northern landscape – reindeer leather and sculpted antler. Your finished bracelet is lightweight to wear and perfect for any outfit from casual to dressy.

If you can do a simple braid and simple sewing stitches, you can make this bracelet. You will be able to choose black, brown, grey or teal leather.

Use of tools and all supplies (pewter wire, leather, needle, thread, button, etc) are included in the workshop fee. Feel free to bring a lunch and/or snacks.

Make & Take: Textured & Riveted Bangles

Level: Advanced Beginner

You will learn simple metal-working techniques while you texture and rivet your choice of pure copper or brass metal. You will size it to fit your wrist and shape it into a bangle. You will learn to attach an eyelet rivet to hold it all together. You will create 2 bangles--fun to wear as a stack or separately.

Use of tool and supplies included in workshop fee. You can upgrade to sterling silver for an extra $15 per bangle.

​Mother– Daughter Love Knot Bracelet

Skill Level:  Beginner, All Levels


Love jewelry but not really sure how to make it yourself?  This is a perfect project to celebrate Mother’s Day and spend the day with family and friends.  It may look complicated, but its not! You will be guided each step of the way to create this intertwined love-knot bracelet.  Learning can be fun and relaxing!  You can create this bracelet in different color wire or a single color.


You will learn the basics of working with wire and the techniques needed to transform plain wire into this lovely piece of jewelry.  You will leave the class with a wonderful piece of jewelry on your wrist.


Pliers and tools needed for creating this bracelet will be provided for your use during class. You can choose to create this in Sterling Silver wire, the instructor will have sterling wire available to purchase during the class for an extra $25.

Triple Wrapped Wire Ring

Skill Level: Beginner, All Levels


Grab a friend and some beads and create this elegant ring with a little bling.   It looks harder than it is and is sure to impress everyone who sees it!  You will start out by determining what size to create.  You will be guided through each step and you should have time to make more than one ring!

Pliers and tools will be provided for your use during class.  You can choose to create your ring in sterling silver for an additional $8 fee per ring.

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